Age of Wushu – Cave House – 1k Feng Shui Buff & Sharing Home via Marriage

Age of Wushu – Level 3 Cave House 1k+ Feng Shui Buff
Please see team chat in video for guide 🙂
Cave Info:
Location: Wudang
Size: 3
Durability: Usually 0
Door Lock Durability: 100
Current Magnificence: 13140
Current Feng Shui: 1055

~Easiest way to increase Feng Shui is to place lots of tables and chairs as seen in video.

~Married couples in game now share their homes. To visit your partners house just open Falcon menu, at top left corner click drop down box and select their home.

~Sharing home means you can now:
-take Feng Shui Buff from either house,
-share furniture warehouse,
-re-arrange furniture in either house,
-enter New World from both.

~Thus, you have 24 hour access to both North and West New World if your homes are in both.

Feng Shui

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